7 Online Courses That'll Help You Get Promoted

August 13, 2018

These LinkedIn Learning online courses will help you get promoted to a bigger job.

Most employees would love to be promoted. And why not – a promotion usually means your organization appreciates your work, you get more influence and, if we are being honest, it means more money.

But how do you get promoted?

It isn’t just enough to do your job well, although that’s where it starts. You also need to prove to your organization that you have the skills needed to take on a bigger role. And, most of the time, you also need to ask your boss for the promotion.

With that in mind, we want to help. We’ve created a list of seven LinkedIn Learning courses that’ll help you land that position you've been hoping for.

1. Learning to Be Promotable

Instructors: Elizabeth McLeodLisa Earle McLeod

Why it’ll help: Pretty obvious, but to be promoted you first need to act promotable.

What does that mean, exactly? Yes, it means excelling in your existing role. But in their course, Elizabeth and Lisa Earle McLeod detail how to display the other “promotable” activities you need to demonstrate – like listening, handling failure and reacting to change well.

2. Having an Honest Career Conversation With Your Boss

Instructor: Lida Citroen

Why it’ll help: You don’t want to give up your power and rely on your organization to promote you on their own. In this course, Lida Citroen explains the best way to ask your boss for a promotion, giving you far more control over your own fate.

3. Strategic Thinking

Instructor: Dorie Clark

Why it’ll help: Many times, a promotion means doing less day-to-day work, and more thinking big picture on how you and your team can best help the company win.

And that’s where strategic thinking comes into play. In this course, Dorie Clark explains the importance of strategic thinking, how to make time for it and how to do it well.

4. Developing Business Acumen

Instructor: Mike Figliuolo

Why it’ll help: Organizations promote people who see beyond just their day-to-day tasks and can make strategic bets on how they can most help the business. To do that effectively, you need to have some level of business acumen.

This course can help, as it details the fundamentals that all businesses operate under, empowering you to think more holistically.

5. New Manager Foundations

Instructor: Todd Dewett

Why it’ll help: A promotions doesn’t always mean becoming a new manager – you might already manage people or you might get promoted and remain an individual contributor.

But, many times it does. And that means becoming a manager for the first time, which has been found to be one of the most stressful times in a person’s career.

This course can help by giving you the foundations you need to be a great manager. Taking it will show initiative to your boss and set you up for success if you are promoted.

6. Coaching For Results

Instructor: Lisa Gates

Why it’ll help: Again, being promoted often comes with becoming a manager for the first time. And, to be a great manager, a key skill is being a great coach.

Here’s where learning fits in, because coaching goes against most people’s instincts. As opposed to jumping in and fixing each problem – which leads to employee stagnation – a coach empowers their employees to come up with solutions on their own – which leads to exponential growth. This course will teach you how to do it.

7. Managing Stress for Positive Change

Instructor: Heidi Hanna

Why it’ll help: Pushing for a promotion can be stressful on its own. And, if you do get a promotion, yes it’s great. But it also means a bigger, new role – which often comes with stress.

So, get in front of it by taking this course from the executive director of the American Institute of Stress. She’ll walk you through how to effectively deal with stress at work, so it actually becomes a benefit, instead of a hinderance.