Our 10 Most Popular Blogs of the Year

December 24, 2018

Top learning blogs of 2018.

I know what you are thinking right now – Paul, I need an incredible read. Like, a transformative, life-altering blog that’ll change my life in the eight minutes it’ll take me to read it.

Well, look no further. Because, as has become an annual tradition, I’m excited to share with you our most popular articles here on The Learning Blog in 2018 (you can also see our 2017 and 2016 lists).

Will these posts change your life? I mean, probably. So, you are welcome, in advance (justttt kidding, but a lot of other people liked them, so you’ll probably like at least one of them too, I hope).

Our most popular blogs of 2018 are:

1. The Skills Companies Need Most in 2018 – And The Courses to Get Them

The great thing about being an editor for a LinkedIn blog is you get access to data. A tremendous amount of data. And that data can help people do their jobs better.

This is a perfect example of that. Using our unique LinkedIn data, we were able to determine the skills companies need most. And, using our awesome library of 13,000+ courses, we were able to tie each of those skills to LinkedIn Learning courses that teach them – providing a helpful guide to all professionals.

The best part about this post? If you come back to this blog in early January, you just might see the skills companies need most in 2019…

2. The "Most Frustrating" Thing a Boss Can Do Is...

Once again, a post built around data. This time a survey on the single trait that most drives employees crazy about their manager.

Here’s the best way to use this post – if you are a manager, there are a few absolute must-learn skills to master. If you do the four things cited in the article well, you have a much better chance of engaging and retaining your employees.

3. Doing This One Thing Each Night Will Make You More Resilient

Sheryl Sandberg is the voice behind both of these next two posts, as she released a course on LinkedIn Learning this year on resilience.

Our blog content around that course – along with the course itself – proved exceptionally popular, as people were interested in hearing what Sandberg learned about resilience as she overcame the unexpected loss of her husband.

4. Why Learning This Overlooked Skill Will Make You a Stronger Professional

Similar to the post before it, another blog about Sandberg and what she learned overcoming the loss of her husband, and how it applies to all professionals.

5. Office 2019 Has Launched. Learn it Here.

Microsoft Office – which includes Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint – is the most used business software in the world. And (quick moment of bragging) we were the only learning provider that had courses that taught all the newest versions of those softwares, the day they came out.

You combine those two factors and you get a very popular post.

6. 7 Toxic Words You Should Never Say as a Leader

A trend we’ve noticed – people like posts about specific things you shouldn’t say in the office. Our most popular post ever is on the phrases all professionals should avoid at work.

And then there’s this one, where we mention the words leaders specifcally should avoid, like “fault” and “can’t.”

7. The Google Drive App is Going Away. But Relax — There's a Better Solution

Similar to the point in post 5, this one was all about timeliness. This post ran shortly before the Google Drive App was about to go away – people were eager to learn what they should do next (download Drive File Stream, which ultimately is a better experience).

8. Want to Know How Someone is Really Feeling? Look At Their Feet

Body language posts have always done well on this blog. No surprise, as Body Language for Leaders is consistently our most popular course on LinkedIn Learning.

This post is another offshoot of that course, where we focus on a specific part of body language: feet language. As in, what a person’s feet can tell you about their state of mind.

9. "Most People Do Lunch Incorrectly." Here's How to Do It Right.

We all eat lunch every day. How do you get the absolute most out of it?

In this post, Instructor Todd Dewett lists the five types of lunches that’ll most help your career.

10. 7 Online Courses That'll Help You Get Promoted

Our research reveals the biggest reason people learn is to get better at their current job. But a secondary reason people learn?

To prepare themselves for the next big job. And the popularity of this post speaks to that – there’s a lot of ambitious people out there who are hungry to know what courses will most help them get that next big job they are hoping for.

Would you rather watch a video than read? Watch one of the most popular LinkedIn Learning courses of the year: