The Most Popular Jobs Among New Graduates – And How to Get Them

May 20, 2019

See the most popular job among college graduates – and how to get them.

Graduating college is one of the biggest moments in a career. It represents a massive transition, from student life to the professional world.

Arguably the biggest part of that transition – and one of the most stressful parts – is landing a job, as there are so many different choices and so many people vying for each one. Which job should you apply for and how do you stand out from the field?

We want to help. So us at LinkedIn uncovered the 10 jobs the most 2018 graduates entered into. We coupled those jobs with the average salaries for each and two LinkedIn Learning courses that can help you stand out from the rest.

The Most Popular Jobs Among Recent College Graduates – And How to Get Them

1. Software Engineer

2. Registered Nurse

3. Salesperson

4. Teacher

5. Accountant

6. Project Manager

7. Administrative Assistant

8. Account Executive

9. Financial Analyst

10. Account Manager

We hope you land the right job for you. Regardless of what path you chose, there’s one constant – a commitment to learning will give you an edge.

Looking for more help landing a job? These LinkedIn Learning courses can help: