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  • A lot of it comes down to your body language.

    3 Easy Ways Women Can Demonstrate Their Authority at Work

    May 27, 2018

    Many female professionals have experienced it: colleagues ignoring their suggestions until a man in the room says the same thing, to universal acclaim. Or being mistaken for someone’s assistant, when you’re the senior leader in the room. Or being “mansplained” to, despite having the most knowledge or experience about the subject at hand. How can female...

  • How to prioritize who to network with, so you are more effective.

    How to Prioritize Your Networking to be More Effective

    December 12, 2017

    You Can't Connect with Everyone. Here's How to Keep Yourself Sane. Quick: how many people are you connected with on social media? Hundreds? Thousands? Just try networking with all of them. It's never going to happen. Many of us get overwhelmed and feel like we somehow should be in touch with everyone. But instead, the secret is prioritizing your networking. As I...