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  • Apple Pay Cash is a handle tool in iOS 11 that makes it easy to pay and get paid by friends and family.

    Why and How to Use Apple Pay Cash on Your iPhone (Video)

    March 20, 2018

    With the release of the iOS 11.2 update late last year, Apple launched a much-anticipated new feature called Apple Pay Cash, which gives you the ability to send and receive money from friends, family and other iOS users through the Messages app. This is incredibly useful and convenient. For example, when a colleague pays the lunch tab and you want to transfer...

  • Learn four tips on PowerPoint that'll make you look like a pro.

    4 PowerPoint Tips That'll Make You Look Like a Pro (Video)

    February 26, 2018

    PowerPoint has become a necessary skill for nearly all professionals today. Like it or not, at some point in our careers most of us will have to create a PowerPoint presentation – and you want that presentation to pop. PowerPoint itself is a powerful tool with a ton of capabilities. While that’s good, there are so many capabilities it can be overwhelming. To...

  • Instructions on how to link an Linked Excel File into PowerPoint.

    Why and How to Embed an Excel Spreadsheet into a PowerPoint Presentation

    December 19, 2017

    Occasionally, when displaying a chart or graph in a PowerPoint presentation, you may need to elaborate or expand on the information by providing a look at the data in an Excel spreadsheet. Although you could copy-and-paste data from Excel into a table on your slides, PowerPoint actually offers a way to embed an Excel spreadsheet into your slide as a linked...

  • Instructions for signing and scanning a document in notes in iOS 11.

    How to Scan and Sign Documents with Notes in iOS 11

    October 23, 2017

    Among the abundance of new features introduced with the release of iOS 11 last month was an enhancement to the built-in Notes app,...

  • These are the five most interesting new features for iOS 11.

    The 5 Coolest Features Coming in iOS 11

    August 28, 2017

    September is almost upon us, and that means Apple will (most likely) be releasing iOS 11 sometime in the next few weeks. However, the...

  • By hand-drawing your table in Microsoft Word you can quickly customize the table to what you want.

    VIDEO: How to Hand-Draw a Table in Word (It's Pretty Cool)

    July 18, 2017

    One of the fastest and most common ways to add a table to a Microsoft Word document is to click the Table menu in the Insert ribbon,...