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  • You can now buy individual courses on LinkedIn Learning, a la carte.

    Giving You More Choice: You Can Now Buy Individual Courses on LinkedIn Learning

    May 15, 2019

    We at LinkedIn Learning are committed to helping all professionals learn. And that means providing more choices, so people can learn in the way that best suits them. That push continues today as now on LinkedIn Learning you have the choice of buying any individual course for a set price. Previously, the only option was to start a subscription. For example, want...

  • The Week of Learning runs from Oct. 24 to Oct. 30.

    Starting This Monday – A 100% Free Week of Learning, For The First Time Ever

    October 21, 2016

    Monday will kick off an unprecedented week for LinkedIn Learning. For the first time ever, we are making the library 100% free to everyone. We don’t require any information, there’s no catch – just log into LinkedIn and go to LinkedIn Learning between Monday, Oct. 24th and Sunday, Oct. 30th and take any course you want, no strings attached. Want to learn the...