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  • In our first advice column, we answer questions like when you should quit your job and how to manage day-to-day tasks with more strategic ones.

    Ask the Experts: How Do I know When to Quit my Job?

    November 2, 2017

    Editor’s Note: Welcome to our first advice column here at LinkedIn Learning, created to answer all your work-related questions. Our advice columnists are leadership experts (and mother-daughter duo) Elizabeth and Lisa McLeod. Enjoy! Recently, we asked our followers via the LinkedIn Learning Facebook page the biggest work challenges they're currently facing. And...

  • Managers rely a lot on their observations to evaluate their employees, although there are some fundamental flaws with that approach.

    The Mistakes Managers Make When Observing Their Employees (And How to Fix Them)

    June 23, 2017

    Managers observe their employees every day. And those anecdotal assessments determine hiring decisions, salaries, promotions and assignments. In fact, virtually every decision a boss makes is influenced by their first-hand observations.  The problem? The conclusions managers reach based on their observations are often wrong. Here are the three common problems...

  • Job interviews today need to focus on communication, adaptability and problem solving.

    The World of Work is Changing, And So Should Your Job Interviews

    June 9, 2017

    What did you want to be when you grew up? Did you want to develop apps? Manage social media channels? Sell data analytics software? Probably not. If you’re over 30, those jobs didn’t even exist when you were in grade school. What we refer to as “work” is changing. Rapidly. Every single day. And that rapid change can result in a “butts-in-the-chair” mentality...

  • Employee surveys are an essential part of any HR or learning and development strategy – if done correctly.

    The Mistakes Organizations Make When They Survey Their...

    May 26, 2017

    With organizations becoming increasingly concerned about employee engagement, HR and learning and development leaders are leaning on...

  • There's a massive benefit for employees teaching gratitude to their employees.

    Why (And How) You Should Promote Gratitude at Your Company

    May 12, 2017

    What are you grateful for? Your family? A home? These are the typical go-tos when people discuss gratitude. Pop culture is filled with...

  • A whining employee often needs a lesson in communication – but their point might also be valid.

    The Best Way to Handle a Whining Employee

    April 28, 2017

    As a leader, it’s frustrating to hear whining. But saying your people can only come to you with answers, not problems, keeps you from...