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  • This challenge among our learning and development team here at LinkedIn increase our online learning usage three-fold.

    How a Simple Challenge Increased Our Online Learning Hours 3x

    August 11, 2017

    Creating a culture of learning is a prime goal for Learning and Development at LinkedIn, as I’m sure it is for other L&D teams. We put a lot of effort into helping our employees grow to become the best versions of themselves. And in order to accomplish that, our L&D team needs to lead by example. That’s why we are always thinking of innovative techniques that’ll...

  • These digital signs helped LinkedIn nurture a culture of learning at their office.

    A Look at the Engaging Signs LinkedIn's L&D Team Uses to Promote Learning

    January 30, 2017

    We on the LinkedIn Learning and Development Team face the same challenges I’m sure most L&D teams face. Chief among them is our ongoing goal to build awareness about learning for our 10,000 employees, so they get maximum benefit from the many programs we offer. To accomplish this, we do everything from email newsletters to holding an annual Learning InDay to...