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  • The best logos grab your attention, elicit a response, have a deeper meaning and are highly memorable.

    How to Design an Outstanding Logo

    January 20, 2017

    Logos are the face of your organization. They are often the first thing someone thinks of when they think of it and a company’s defining symbol, such as the golden arches for McDonalds or the Nike swoosh. What makes a great logo? Well, there’s no shortage of rules and theories out there. But, in his LinkedIn Learning course The Science of Logo Design, William...

  • Work can be no fun when you have a bad boss. But these tips ensure you still advance your career.

    How to Deal With a Boss You Don't Like

    January 18, 2017

    It’s happened to all of us – you have a boss you don’t like. Maybe it’s their personality, their skillset (or lack thereof) or that they have a different philosophy than you, but either way you just can’t seem to connect. And yet, you still have to deal with that boss every day while trying to do your best to advance your career, which they have a great deal of...

  • Five tactics bosses should use in performance reviews to ensure they don't demotivate employees, but also make their point.

    How a Boss Should Act in a Performance Review

    January 17, 2017

    Performance reviews are invariably stressful events. Employees’ salaries and career development are greatly affected by their outcome, and how you act as a manager during a review goes a long way to defining how your people will view you. Hence, there’s arguably no more important meeting than a performance review for managers to act the right way. Come across as...

  • The new courses you can now take at LinkedIn Learning and

    The New Skills You Can Learn at LinkedIn Learning This Week

    January 16, 2017

    Each week presents a new opportunity for you and your team to learn the skills necessary to take on the next big challenge. And, at...

  • One of the biggest problems designers face is they aren't sure how to price their project.

    10 Factors to Consider When Pricing a Design Project

    January 13, 2017

    Most creative types are, well, creative. And while that empowers them to make awe-inspiring designs, not having a business background...

  • These steps will help you achieve flow.

    How to Get In The Zone Right Now And Produce Amazing Work

    January 11, 2017

    Right now, I bet there’s something you need to do. Some task that you want to do well, but you are tired or distracted or just can’t...