The Secret to Success for this Top Music Producer – Fun

August 4, 2016

Fun is a skill you don't find on most LinkedIn profiles but for music producer/engineer/author/artist Sylvia Massy, fun is an integral part of her job. It's a requirement for herself and her clients, woven seamlessly into her work and radiates through her smile.

Massy's a tried, true and skilled fun-maker who requires musicians and technicians to bring their ear for unexpected sounds and to take part in the resourceful imagination that permeates each of her professional recording sessions. She generates an excitement for audio innovation that's contagious. 

Massy strives to make every recording session unforgettable for her clients. She shows up with "toys" for experimentation and is up for just about any crazy idea in music making.

From recording in a submarine's torpedo tubes, to smashing pianos, to recording live chickens, Massy is as creative as they come, and her client list, ranging from the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Prince, clearly demonstrates that. 

It's a good lesson for anyone in any job... have fun and take a creative chance every day if you can. A little fun and creativity brings light into your life and ripples out to those around you. 

Check out this documentary about Sylvia and the sheer joy she exudes during the music recording process and I guarantee that you'll start thinking about how you can add fun as a job related skill (and maybe even add it to your LinkedIn profile).