Our 10 Most Popular Blogs of the Year

December 22, 2017

These are our most popular blog posts of the year on The Learning Blog.

I have a big announcement for you. Try not to get emotional.

This is the last blog post of the year for The Learning Blog. I know, it’s tough. Over the past 12 months we made you laugh (unintentionally), cry (okay, probably not cry) and maybe, just maybe, actually taught you something.

Seriously, we are really proud of the progress we’ve made, as the blog has reached more than two million people this year in more than 150 countries. In that time, we published more than 300 articles on our site, some of which some people actually enjoyed (or so we are told).

What were the most popular posts of the year? The ones people connected with the most? Here are the 10 most popular blog posts of the year on The Learning Blog:

1. 7 Questions That Ambitious Employees Should Ask Their Boss

Our most popular post of the year is also one of our earliest ones, being published on Jan. 4. It lists questions you should ask your boss, to both build a great relationship with them and identify where you should develop.

2. If You Have These 6 Traits, People Will See You as a Leader (Regardless of Your Position)

You don’t need to be in management to be a leader. This article shows what you can do to be seen as a leader, even if you are the youngest, least experienced employee on your team.

3. 4 Jobs That Pay $150k a Year, And The Skills You Need to Get Them

Clearly, there’s an appetite from our readers to advance their career. And this article speaks exactly to that, giving playbooks for getting some of the highest paying jobs in America.

4. The Skills You Should Learn Before Age 30 (And How to Learn Them)

There are some skills you just don’t learn in school. And, when you are 23-years-old, people don’t expect you to know them all.

But that should change when you’ve been in the workforce awhile. 

5. How to Stop Saying “Um” and “Err” When You Speak

Ever listen to a recording of yourself speaking?

Unless you’ve had training, you’ll hear these verbal fillers like “um”, “er” and “you know” scattered throughout it. And it weakens your point.

This article fixes that.

6. Want to Be a Great Boss in 5 Years? You Need to Learn These Skills

The world of work is changing quickly. Many people think that applies to just hard skill jobs, like tech or manufacturing.

But it applies to soft skill jobs as well, like management. To help you navigate those waters, we consulted with leadership experts to identify the essential management skills for 2022 and beyond.

7. 5 Best Practices For Making Awesome PowerPoint Slides

When people see someone booting up a PowerPoint presentation, their eyes tend to start to glaze over.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can build more engaging presentations by following the five best practices listed in the article.

8. 5 Productivity Tips That'll Make You Rethink Your Day

A personal favorite of mine, this article was written after I watched David Allen’s fantastic – and free – course Getting Things Done. From that course I wrote about my biggest takeaways, such as, “Your head is for having ideas, not for storing them,” and, “If something is continuously bothering you, it’s because you haven’t given it the attention it deserves.”

9. 4 Entry-Level Jobs That Pay $70,000 a Year (And How to Get Them)

Similar to the third post on this list, this article gives playbooks for getting some of the highest paying entry-level jobs out there.

10. Why You Should go to the Gym The First Day of a New Job

Up to 90 percent of your day is dictated by your habits. So, if you want to improve your life, a good strategy is building better habits.

This article explains how to do that, by giving examples like going to the gym on the first day of your new job (that’ll make it part of your routine, without you even realizing it).

That’s it, that’s our 10 most popular blogs of 2017.

Also, one quick thing before we leave you for 2017. I’d like to thank you, the reader, for reading, sharing and subscribing. I hope you enjoy the blog and have a great, learning-filled 2018.

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