This Stunning Video Brought to the People of Las Vegas

July 22, 2016

In 2012, librarian Jocelyn Bates took her first class, Using Regular Expressions, through her employer, Arizona Western College. And she loved it.

“It was exactly what I needed at that time,” Bates said in an interview with “It helped me do my job.”

Since, she’s been an advocate for at both the library at Arizona Western College and at the next job she got as an electronic librarian for Yuma County Library in Arizona, both of which were customers. However, in January of this year, she began a new job as electronic resources manager in the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District, only to find out they didn’t have a subscription for library patrons.

“We have so many people who are physically unable to come to our library, and we still want to reach them,” Bates said. “Also, just 22 percent of the high school students in our county go on to college. I thought Lynda could address both of those issues.”

Immediately, she pushed for the library to purchase a account. But her request was met with some hesitation and concern, as some staff members were unfamiliar with the product and were concerned about allocating budget to it.

So, she got creative. In early May, she made this video on why the Las Vegas Library District should purchase, and how it would serve the community.

(Something worth noting – Bates has no videography background. She made this video on VideoScribe in four hours.)

The reaction of her team? Utter amazement.

More importantly, it proved persuasive. After watching the video, the biggest doubters within her library became its biggest supporters. By the end of June, the Las Vegas Library was a customer.

The best part for Bates? She sees as part of achieving the library’s mission. Not only does it expand the reach of the library to people who cannot visit the library, it also provides courses on the latest, most groundbreaking technologies.

“It’s helping us achieve our vision,” Bates said. “And I’m really excited about that.”