5 Free Resources That'll Help You Prepare for the Future of Work

April 22, 2019

These free resources will help you prepare for the future of work.

According to LinkedIn Learning research, the second-biggest driver of stress in the workforce today is stress over the future. Overall, 64 percent of professionals say they are stressed about the future of their job.

There is some good reason for that. Thanks to the mass adoption of AI, change is really happening faster than ever, which leads to uncertainty about the future. Which can lead to stress.

Good news? With all this change comes great opportunity. By being proactive, you can make the future work for you, instead of against you.

That won’t just mean less stress. It’ll also mean you’ll be far more marketable.

So, how do you prepare for the future? We at LinkedIn Learning culled together a list of free resources that'll help you do exactly that.

1. These Are the Skills of the Future, According to 39 Industry Experts

We’ll start with a massive undertaking we did where we asked 39 experts across 10 industries the skills that’ll become increasingly important over the next five years. Here’s what they said.

Additionally, we did industry-specific posts on future skills for HR, L&D, tech, IT, sales, marketing, creative, management, project management and business leadership.

Another helpful resource at the skill level – our post on the skills companies need most right now

2. The 5 Most Up-and-Coming Jobs in the World – And How to Get Them

The aforementioned content speaks to the skill level. Here, we talk about the job level – what are the fastest-growing jobs right now?

You see from the list, it’s a mixture of sales and tech jobs. And here's an equally interesting resource, to see things from the other lens: the jobs that are most (and least) likely to be replaced by machines.

3. These six articles that’ll improve your soft skills.

One thing we’ve heard again and again is that, while AI and other technology might automate many “hard” skills, soft skills are much harder to replace. And, for that reason, they will only become more important moving forward.

That means one of the best ways to future-proof your career is to strengthen your soft skills. These articles can help:

4. These six blogs that’ll help you become a better leader.

The best way to prepare for the future is to create it. And that means being a leader who inspires yourself and others to take on the big challenges that sit in front of us.

To help you do that, here are some of our most popular articles on being a great leader:

5. These 10 free LinkedIn Learning courses that’ll make you a better professional – and (ideally) inspire you to make learning a regular habit.

Finally, regardless of what position you have or what you do, your job will change over the next five years. And it’s impossible to predict exactly how that change will happen.

The only true way to handle that inevitable fluidity is to make learning a part of your life. Not only will learning give you the skills to take on this change, it’ll open your mind to it as well, giving you a better outlook overall.

We wanted to give you some inspiration. So, here are 10 free LinkedIn Learning courses taught by some of the world’s most successful people, which (we hope) will inspire you to make learning a regular habit.

Free LinkedIn Learning courses in the post include: