A Look at the Engaging Signs LinkedIn's L&D Team Uses to Promote Learning

January 30, 2017

We on the LinkedIn Learning and Development Team face the same challenges I’m sure most L&D teams face. Chief among them is our ongoing goal to build awareness about learning for our 10,000 employees, so they get maximum benefit from the many programs we offer.

To accomplish this, we do everything from email newsletters to holding an annual Learning InDay to promoting our programs during our bi-weekly all-hands meetings. And thanks to my background in marketing, I’m always looking for new and creative ways to nurture that culture of learning.

About six months ago, it struck me – we have TV screens throughout all of our offices around the globe, such as in our cafeterias and other gathering areas, which reach nearly all of our employees daily. We use those screens to advertise new initiatives, new products and company-wide events via digital signs.

I asked myself, why don’t we use those monitors to advertise our L&D programs? So I went to our internal communications team and they agreed to help us promote learning in this way, as they also understood the importance of building a culture of learning at LinkedIn.

Over the past six months, my team has created more than 25 high-impact digital signs that have been seen thousands of times by the exact people we want to reach – our employees. And while it’s hard to measure definitively, we continue to see strong engagement with our voluntary learning programs.

What the digital signs look like

When designing the digital signs, I wanted to have some variety. After all, I know what inspires one person to learn might be vastly different than what inspires another person.

So, my designer and I created a few different types: learning hacks, learning quotes, top courses, promoting courses or instructors and just general learning promotions. I worked to make the digital signs as engaging as possible by making them striking, friendly and even funny, when appropriate.

But rather than tell you, I’ll show you. Here are some examples of “learning hack” signs, or digital signs that give you advice on how an employee can fit learning into their busy day:

Next, I created some digital signs featuring quotes by some of history’s greats, on why learning matters. Here’s an example:

We also run a digital sign showing the most popular LinkedIn Learning classes in the past 30 days. Here’s what it looks like:

Often, I’ll do signs that promote either a specific course or a specific LinkedIn Learning instructor. Here’s an example of each, as you can see I like to keep it light:

Finally, I made digital signs that highlight the importance of daily learning and our LearnIn learning portal. Here are two examples:

Obviously, these digital signs alone aren’t enough to build a culture of learning. But they help, as they make learning feel more achievable, essential and even fun.

Looking to create a culture of learning at your organization? Download our guide on how to do exactly that.