Learning Is In High Demand, and It’s Time to Make It Personal

August 7, 2018

See how Estee Lauder is using LinkedIn Learning to build a cultural of learning – by making it personal.

Get busy learning or be left behind’ is the sentiment felt among employees and companies alike. For evidence, look at a recent report by Forbes that shows that 85 percent of employees understand that learning is necessary just to keep up, yet more than half of employees admit they haven’t mastered the skills to do today’s job or to feel prepared for the future. So, how do learning organizations address the challenge of being the best at helping employees continuously learn and grow?

At The Estée Lauder Companies, we are addressing this challenge head-on. We know that development and growth are expected as part of the contract between employee and company, and investing in the success of our company means investing in our people. With a globally diverse employee population, emerging roles and greater demand for new skills – we know the answer is to make learning personal, fun and scalable.

That’s why we partnered with LinkedIn Learning, inviting them to join our learning ecosystem of like-minded partners, thought leaders and innovative technology solutions. With LinkedIn Learning, we are transforming the learning experience for our employees by creating experiences that are just as compelling as what they have come to love and expect from brands as consumers.

The critical ingredient? Personalization.

Here are the top four ways that we are making learning personal with LinkedIn Learning:

    1. On-demand

Have you ever been in a pinch where you needed a quick tip or piece of advice before heading to a critical meeting? I have, and with LinkedIn Learning, I was able to cue up a short video that helped me with what I wanted, when I needed it.

Quickly accessing relevant information in crucial times is the best way for me to immediately apply something to the work or projects that I am leading.  

    2. Learning as you like it

Whether you are learning from a desktop, mobile, audio or visual device, LinkedIn Learning has a format for everyone. Learning has never been easier for employees on-the-go.

    3. Badging and certification

We are an organization of high achievers. Many of LinkedIn Learning courses are recognized by a number of globally established certifications and institutions, such as Project Management, Six Sigma Certification or the American Marketing Association.

And, upon finishing any LinkedIn Learning course, you can “badge” yourself with a newly acquired skill, and it automatically appears on your LinkedIn profile!

    4. Personal curation

LinkedIn Learning automatically recommends courses that are relevant to the user. Because a vast learning library of over 12,000 courses can sometimes be overwhelming to navigate, we also curate special learning paths to help our people achieve success at The Estée Lauder Companies.

Even better, it’s scalable

In three short months, more than 5,800 of The Estée Lauder Companies employees, globally, have started using LinkedIn Learning – and that number is growing.  Our goal is to reach every full-time office employee around the world and continue to invest in learning for all.   

Through LinkedIn Learning, The Estée Lauder Companies is continuing its mission of being the best home for talent. Our plan to be a world-class learning organization is just getting started…

Happy learning everyone!