LinkedIn Learning and Glint Integrate to Bring Learning to Managers in the Flow of Work

May 19, 2020

At Talent Connect last October, we announced that LinkedIn Learning and Glint will integrate to serve up relevant LinkedIn Learning content to managers, right within the Glint experience. Since then, we’ve been hard at work to bring this to life and today, we have exciting news to share.

Today, we’re announcing LinkedIn Learning for Glint, a new integration that brings together the Glint employee engagement platform with LinkedIn Learning’s world-class content. This integration helps managers learn and take action on feedback more effectively—an increasingly important skill in dynamic environments. Glint is embedding curated LinkedIn Learning videos directly into their action taking experience. Over 100 expert-selected videos now map to recommended actions specifically designed for team managers. By providing personalized learning in the flow of work, HR leaders can help facilitate a manager’s development as they learn new skills that help them support their people and keep them engaged. 

LinkedIn Learning for Glint provides personalized and highly relevant video content when managers are most receptive to learning and improving.

With LinkedIn Learning for Glint, HR leaders will be able to provide several benefits to the managers they support:

  • The right content: Personalized action areas and curated LinkedIn Learning videos are tailored to an individual’s survey results.

  • At the right time: LinkedIn Learning content shows up as managers are taking action to guide them when they’re most receptive to learning more. 

  • In the right format: Bite-sized, highly engaging videos allow managers to quickly learn new skills and put them into practice.

This LinkedIn Learning for Glint integration will be available to all Glint customers at no additional charge, regardless of whether they have a LinkedIn Learning enterprise license. By providing the right content at the right time, LinkedIn Learning for Glint will help managers to go beyond simply understanding  employee feedback to more effectively responding and ensuring their teams are able to navigate these challenging times successfully. 

We’re excited about the value this integration will bring to our joint customers. Let us know what you think in our new LinkedIn Group, L&D Connect.