More Learning Content, Served the Way You Want and in More Languages

With Mandarin and Brazilian-Portuguese language libraries, more ways to learn around the globe.

August 16, 2018

LinkedIn Learning languages.

At LinkedIn Learning, we are constantly growing and evolving our content library to help our members learn the skills they need to get jobs, and to remain current and relevant with the skills they need to succeed at their current jobs. We currently offer 13,000 courses, teaching 8,500 skills, and are publishing on average more than 50 new courses every week across our English, German, French, Spanish and Japanese libraries.

More languages to learn in

Today, we are thrilled to announce we have expanded our language libraries to include courses in Mandarin and Brazilian-Portuguese. Now if you live in or work at a business based in locations like Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Brazil, Portugal, and in other countries around the world, you can access courses in languages you are familiar with in just a few clicks.

You can easily select your preferred language to learn from in the “Me” tab and click change “content language”. You will then be directed to one of the seven language libraries in - English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin or Brazilian-Portuguese - and the entire course library available in that language can be accessed; the number of courses in each library varies per language.

Our international libraries are created by an experienced native language team, working with a combined community of 700+ native-language authors. The learning courses we create are tailored for people who learn in that country or region and are created with the specific language and culture in mind. For our newest international libraries, there will be a set of 80 courses in the Brazilian-Portuguese library, and in the Mandarin library there will 40 courses focusing on business topics. We’ll continue to broaden these libraries and add more content based on what skills are most in demand. 

More content the way you want

Not only have we added more language you can learn in, we’re also focused on making the courses as easy to use as possible. Based on the feedback we heard from you, we’ve added more shorter courses personalized to you, we’ll now show you a precompiled playlist of courses for a specific topic or career based on your skills and what you’ve indicated you’re most interested in, and we’ll also show you what’s trending in your community by showing you if a course has been liked by your connects, co-workers or professionals bearing similar job titles.

Learning should be a personal experience so you can learn the way that’s right for you!