One Week and Eight Courses to Inspire Year-Round Learning

May 13, 2019

Learning at Work Week

Building a learning organisation is a journey: it takes commitment to embedding learning as a habit, curating and signposting relevant resources, inspiring colleagues about the benefits, and providing time and space for learning to happen.

You can’t build a learning organisation in a week – but the week of May 13 to May 19 2019, can provide you with a fantastic starting point. And if you’ve already set out on the journey, it will provide you with the focus, impetus and national support to help move things forward.

Learning at Work Week is the UK’s annual campaign of workplace learning: an opportunity for any organisation to highlight the value of continuous learning in a fast-evolving economy, and set time aside for colleagues to explore their learning options. It’s organised by the Campaign for Learning and supported by partners who make online courses and other resources available for professionals across the UK.

LinkedIn Learning is proud to be a Learning at Work Week National Activity partner, and we’re supporting this year’s event with a dedicated Learning at Work Week Centre. The Centre’s aim is a simple but important one: to help learning and development professionals leverage this annual celebration to advance learning over the long-term.

At the centre, you’ll find our latest UK Workplace Learning Report Infographic, with insights on the challenges and opportunities for learning and development leaders. There’s also our Learning Engagement Playbook with guidance on rolling out a learning programme. You can register for our live Learning at Work Week webcast with guests from BookingGo and Lego who will be sharing expert guidance for building a culture of learning.

We are also offering a carefully selected line-up of LinkedIn Learning courses, which will be available for free throughout Learning at Work Week. We’ve designed this bespoke learning path to showcase some of the best British authors hosting courses on LinkedIn Learning, to help strengthen skills that will engage colleagues with a learning culture, and to share some of the most sought-after soft skills in the UK this year.

Free LinkedIn Learning Courses

Here’s the full line-up of LinkedIn Learning courses that will be free to access during Learning at Work Week – and how they can support your learning strategy:

Best of British – UK Courses Your Colleagues Will Love:

These engaging, authoritative courses will help colleagues find instant value in online learning that link to the most in demand skills in the UK for 2019:

Success Habits by Chris Croft

University lecturer and author Chris Croft explores how to cultivate regular habits that contribute to long-term success. This course offers over three hours of free content, with bite-sized episodes on everything from improving emotional intelligence to managing impatience, finding a sense of purpose and sending the right signals through your body language. Encourage colleagues to take a couple of minutes to dip into the episodes that most intrigue them.

Common Meeting Problems by Chris Croft

In this shorter course, Chris takes on one of the most common barriers to productivity and employee fulfilment – the unnecessary or unproductive meeting. Colleagues can enjoy the full course or jump into the episodes that address specific problems, such as meetings overrunning, distractions from devices, colleagues turning up late, and more.

Developing your Emotional Intelligence by Gemma Leigh Roberts

Organisational psychologist and author Gemma Leigh Roberts explains the four essential factors underpinning emotional intelligence, from emotional self-awareness to expressing and controlling emotions, and managing relationships. Along the way, you’ll learn how to use your senses to gather information more effectively, build your empathy skills, and control your responses to make the most of the most challenging situations.

Cultivating a Growth Mindset by Gemma Leigh Roberts

Effective learning cultures encourage a growth mindset in all employees. In this course, Gemma explains how each individual can choose to believe in their ability to develop and grow – and she provides tangible, real-world examples of the difference this can make. Colleagues will learn about the difference between studying and learning, how to develop mental flexibility, and the myths that keep people from fulfilling their potential

Marketing Skills to Help Build a Learning Culture

Our Workplace Learning Report for 2019 identifies internal marketing as a top priority for learning and development professionals. These courses can help to fine-tune your skills and strategy:

Marketing Communications by Deirdre Breakenridge

Marketing expert Deirdre Breakenridge explains how to identify your communications objectives and develop a marketing plan to meet them. This course includes episodes on using social media and email marketing, encouraging employee advocates, and measuring results.

Create a Go-To Market Plan by Deirdre Breakenridge

Deirdre explains how to launch products or programmes, building a roadmap for success, setting the right objectives and engaging colleagues with what you’re trying to achieve.

Building the UK’s Most Sought-After Soft Skills

LinkedIn data shows that Creativity and Persuasion are the two most sought-after soft skills in the UK. These courses demonstrate how to build these skills, become more valuable and more productive, and find more fulfilment in your work:

Creativity Bootcamp by Stefan Mumaw

Hands-on, interactive and inspiring, this course from creative director and author Stefan Mumaw challenges our definition of creativity and what it takes to produce better, more original ideas. With quick, imaginative exercises and actionable ‘bootcamp commands’, it demonstrates how any employee can build the skills to enable more innovative thinking and more fulfilling work.

Persuading Others by Dorie Clark

Duke University’s Dorie Clark explains why persuasion is becoming more vital in all aspects of the workplace. This course explains how to ensure that you and your ideas always get a fair hearing, and how to do so while staying authentic and avoiding manipulation.

View the Full Learning at Work Week Lineup

Explore all of these fantastic courses for free during Learning at Work Week – and inspire colleagues about the power of online learning. For our full set of Learning at Work Week resources, visit the Learning at Work Week Centre.