See the "CLO of the Year" Tamar Elkeles on Talent Connect Livestream

September 24, 2018

See the "CLO of the Year" Tamar Elkeles on Talent Connect Livestream

Tamar Elkeles, former CLO of the Year, former longtime CLO at Qualcomm and now the Chief Talent Executive for Atlantic Bridge Capital, will be a keynote speaker this year at Talent Connect in Anaheim and on the Talent Connect Livestream.

Her topic – the future of learning is now. She’ll explain what that means to talent developers – and the steps you can take to thrive in it.

“We need to go from being providers of learning to becoming architects of continuous development,” Elkeles said.

And that means taking advantage of AI, VR and the thousands of other advancements and resources out there to deliver the learning, she said. That’ll empower talent developers to play a more strategic role in helping businesses keep and develop their biggest differentiators – their employees.

Her keynote will also cover:

  • How to frame investments in learning to senior stakeholders.

  • How to drive learning engagement among a diverse employee base.

  • How to develop the #1 skill of the future.

  • How to strategically influence the full employee lifecycle.

Bottom line, Elkeles believes that the role of the talent developer will only become increasingly more important moving forward. And her keynote will cover how to have the most impact in that role moving forward.

Do you want to see Elkeles presentation, as well as see other presentations on talent development from leaders like Josh Bersin and LinkedIn CEO Jeff WeinerRegister for the Talent Connect Livestream October 9-11 today!