What Professionals Most Want to Learn in 2017 (And How to Learn It)

January 2, 2017

The number-one thing professionals want to learn in 2017 is communication.

It’s a new year. And that means learning, as we know interest in professional learning spikes in January.

That got us curious – what motivates professionals to learn in the first place? And what are people most eager to learn in 2017?

To find out, we surveyed more than 2,000 knowledge workers from around the world. We started by seeking to answer the first question – what motivates people to learn at all

Interestingly enough, most said it’s because they are lifelong learners. But, a strong second was that people wanted to earn a promotion.

So what do people want to learn?

Knowing what motivates professionals to learn, we wanted to find out what specifically they wanted to learn. We started by asking them what skill they wanted to most improve, from a professional development perspective.

The answer? Communication.

The best LinkedIn Learning courses that teach those skills

LinkedIn Learning has courses in each of those subjects. They are:

The business software non-tech employees wanted to learn

Next, we asked those non-tech professionals what specific business software they were most interested in learning. Unsurprisingly, the answer was Excel, followed by Windows and PowerPoint.

The best LinkedIn Learning courses that teach those skills

LinkedIn Learning also has Microsoft Office courses no matter which version you are using. They are:

And LinkedIn Learning has the new operating systems covered:

These are the subjects professionals tend to learn about the most, although they might vary by your industry and role. However, the qualitative and quantitative evidence shows one thing – if you truly want to advance your career, #AlwaysBeLearning.

LinkedIn Learning has thousands of courses in its library, covering everything from technical to creative to soft skills. Start something today.