Quiz: How Much Business Acumen Do You Have?

December 12, 2016

Business acumen is a key skill to learn if you want to be promoted.

So what is business acumen?

Well, business acumen is about both understanding business in general, including common business terms, and how your specific business operates and ultimately makes money. And the reality is the more business acumen you have, the better you'll be at overcoming business challenges.

So how much business acumen do you have?

To answer that, we used assessment questions from the LinkedIn Learning course, Business Acumen, which is taught by leadership consultant Mike Figliuolo. By taking this 11-question quiz, you can determine how much business acumen you have.

Are you looking to improve your business acumen? Watch Figliuolo’s full course today. Or check out LinkedIn Learning to learn the latest skills in tech, creative and business.