New Grad? Here Are The Skills Every Industry Is Hiring For

June 8, 2020

Starting your career can be both exciting and daunting. Graduation is a major moment you've been waiting for. It launches you into 'the real world' and gives you a chance to try your skills in a career setting. But graduations and the job market look a little different than we expected this year.

That's why we launched LinkedIn’s “Grad’s Guide to Getting Hired,” to help you uncover the best opportunities available now, and the skills to help you stand out for those opportunities, no matter your major or previous work experience.

We analyzed millions of job postings to surface the industries hiring the most entry level jobs right now, and the most in-demand skills across every industry. Check out these courses to help you learn in-demand skills -- free through June 30. 

The most in-demand skills to help you stand out across industries


This skill is key in any role, especially in an increasingly virtual environment. These courses provide the building blocks for effective communication, tips for using digital body language to close the empathy gap between you and your team and how to nail a pitch (whether for an idea, or just yourself):

Problem Solving

Whatever role ends up being your first, tackling challenges, solving problems in the midst of uncertainty, and generating solutions will be critical. Here are some courses to help with problem solving skills, to help you add value quickly in the face of uncertainty:


Excelling at fundamentals and underlying processes is the cornerstone of any successful project. These courses will demystify the framework for managing complex processes and break down best practices to drive operational excellence, including the foundations of Six Sigma:

Analytical Skills

Thinking critically and taking a methodical look at the data in front of you paves the way for success in nearly all domains. These courses will help reframe your mindset and underscore the power of mapping in systems, complete with tangible examples for how to put these skills into practice:

Microsoft Office

You’d be heard pressed to find a career path that doesn’t involve the use of ubiquitous tools from Microsoft, like Excel of Outlook. Brush up on your skills now so that you can spend less time on the job learning the basics, and more time adding value: 

Project Management

From the moment you enter the workplace, everything is a project, no matter how big or small. Career starters can benefit from some basic project management skills and these courses will help build that valuable skill set, from managing resources and monitoring progress, to building a project team and shortening a schedule: 


Gone are the days of text-heavy slides that presenters read aloud. An engaging and effective  presentation is not a luxury in today’s workforce, it’s critical for making an impact with your idea. These courses will help you learn the nuts and bolts of PowerPoint, as well as tips for turning your slide deck from boring to brilliant: 


Having an understanding of the top digital strategies for brand and marketing will come in handy as you navigate today’s online landscape. Keep a pulse on the world of storytelling and marketing today with these courses, covering everything from the characteristics of an effective website and the fundamentals of a content strategy to the importance of creating distinction to build your staying and scaling power: 

Customer Service 

Making sure customers feel valued is the cornerstone of every successful business. The skill set needed to increase customer loyalty, build lasting relationships, and maximize value will take you to new levels, and empower  you to be a better team member:


Throughout your career, you’ll learn being a great leader isn’t synonymous with an executive job title. Authenticity, self-confidence, self-awareness-- these are all qualities of leaders, at any level of the organization. Build this skill with these courses that will help you drive impact: 

The industries and companies with entry-level jobs open now

  1. Healthcare (185K+ open entry-level jobs)

    Companies hiring: Brookdale, ConnectRN, Five Star Senior Living

  2. Retail (170K+ open entry-level jobs)

    Companies hiring: 7-Eleven, Walmart, The Home Depot

  3. Transportation & Logistics (135K+ open entry-level jobs)

    Companies hiring: Blair Logistics, CR England, U.S. Xpress

  4. Recreation & Travel (125K open entry-level jobs)

    Companies hiring: SONIC Drive In, Domino’s Pizza, Olive Garden

  5. Software & IT Services (110K+ open entry-level jobs)

    Companies hiring: Staffigo, EatStreet, General Dynamics

  6. Manufacturing (65K+ open entry-level jobs)

    Companies hiring: Lockheed Martin, Sherwin Williams, Raytheon Technologies

  7. Finance (45K+ open entry-level jobs)

    Companies hiring: AssuranceIQ, Mile High Adjusters, J.P. Morgan

  8. Corporate Services (35K+ open entry-level jobs)

    Companies hiring: Department of Agriculture, Allied Universal, Booz Allen Hamilton

  9. Education (35K+ open entry-level jobs)

    Companies hiring: Dallas Independent School District, Charter Schools USA, KinderCare

  10. Consumer Goods (35K+ open entry-level jobs)

    Companies hiring: Regis Corporation, Keurig Dr. Pepper, Vector Marketing

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