Introducing's Solution for the IT Help Desk

August 11, 2016

An IT help desk is judged by two paramount metrics – how fast they can close tickets and how good their customer service is.

To be strong at both, an IT help desk needs these four key attributes:

  1. Deep, fluid knowledge of ever-changing technologies.

  2. Strong interpersonal skills.

  3. Engaged employees.

  4. Ideally, a workforce they serve with access to on-demand tech training, which helps reduce tickets and ensures employees are getting the most out of the tools IT is supporting.

With that in mind, we here at have added a comprehensive IT help desk learning solution to our course library that accomplishes those four attributes, to ensure the two overlying metrics are improved.

Specifically, our new solution for IT help desk:

  • Features a robust, constantly updated IT library that ensures your help desk team stays abreast of the latest technologies.

  • Comes with access to our vast business library as well, which improves the soft skills of your IT employees, along with their hard skills.

  • Allows employees to advance their skills beyond just their core responsibilities, which keeps them engaged and motivated.

  • Is available to your entire workforce, not just IT, so all of your people can learn valuable technical and productivity skills on their time – without filing a ticket.

What do those features create? A more efficient, more engaged IT team that has the skills needed to close tickets quickly, while also providing a great experience to the person they’re helping.

What’s key to emphasize here is that our IT help desk solution isn’t an add-on buy. Instead, it comes as part of our library with a license, which includes more than 4,500 courses, covering everything from technical skills to creative to sales effectiveness.

Want to learn more about our new IT help desk offering? Let’s dive into specifics:

Why an elearning solution at all?

So how does your IT team learn today, if you don’t have an elearning solution?

Chances are, people learn from each other. Or, they learn online, often from unreliable or incomplete sources.

The biggest problem with this is it means you don’t know what your people know. Since learning isn’t structured, knowledge levels are inconsistent and reliability can’t be achieved.

Compare that to an online learning solution. Now, people can learn what they need, when they need it from a reliable source; and their learning is tracked. Additionally, onboarding new employees is now a scalable, structured process, where everyone has the same knowledge set.

So what technical courses does have for the IT help desk?

Obviously, you can’t have a strong IT help desk without having employees with strong technical knowledge. To make that happen, we have released more than a dozen new IT courses, along with two new IT-related learning paths, to provide your people with that knowledge.

You can check out our full offering here. But it includes:

But the bigger point is what’s not listed. The biggest challenge IT help desk employees face is that technologies are ever changing, as new ones are constantly being brought into the fold.

To address that, our library is constantly being updated, so our IT help desk library will continue to meet your needs. 

How solves for the whole professional

All that being said, technical knowledge is only half the battle. As any IT leader knows, soft skills for someone working the help desk are just as important as hard skills.

To address that, a license doesn’t just come with IT courses. It also comes with its full business library, which covers skills like:

One of the biggest complaints employees have about their help desk is that the customer service is poor. Courses like this fix that exact problem.

How our offering keeps employees engaged

Another key part of having a top-tier IT help desk is having help desk employees who are truly engaged with their jobs and want to stay with your organization.

We know from previous LinkedIn research that the biggest reason employees become disengaged and ultimately change jobs is for lack of career progression. If a person doesn’t feel like they can advance their career at your organization, they’ll go somewhere where they think they can.

A license curbs that problem. The reason is it allows your employees to gain the skills they need to advance their career within your organization, meaning they don’t have to look elsewhere.

Not only does that mean you are getting a constantly improving employee, it also gives you a stronger talent pool of internal candidates when looking to fill leadership positions.

How helps your entire workforce become more technically savvy

One thing we heard when talking with IT leaders is that a portion of the workforce they serve has a very limited knowledge of the tech tools at their disposal. That’s a problem for two reasons:

  • It means more IT tickets, which ultimately makes your IT help desk less productive.

  • It means people aren’t getting the most out tools you are offering them, ultimately making them less productive.

A license for your entire workforce can change that. Now, they can access our courses on their own time to learn things like Microsoft Excel best practices or PowerPoint shortcuts or mastering Google Drive.

Bottom line, not only should this clear up time for your IT help desk to focus on more critical priorities, it also makes all of your people more productive.

Tying it all together

We didn’t create this solution for IT help desk in a vacuum. Instead, we conducted countless interviews with IT leaders to find out what their needs were, and designed our solution around that.

Bottom line, we’ve created a solution for the IT help desk that allows for structured, scalable learning, which leads to two outcomes – tickets closed faster and happier customers.

Interested in learning more? Click here to check out our new solution for IT help desk!