The 10 IT Skills Companies Need The Most

September 8, 2016

IT professionals are already an in-demand crowd. LinkedIn data shows they receive twice as many InMails as professionals in other segments, making them one of the most sought after groups in business.

But, within that already sought-after IT talent pool, there are skills people have that organizations are particularly in need of. And that need is shown by an even higher amount of LinkedIn InMails received, as recruiters are doing everything they can to get people with those skills to their company.

To determine what those skills are, we analyzed the LinkedIn profiles of IT professionals to uncover what skills correlated to the most amount of InMails per member. From that, we were able to compile a list of the 10 skills possessed by IT professionals that companies need the most, and are most desperate to hire or train for.

Those top 10 skills are:

  1. MapReduce
  2. Scala
  3. Scalability
  4. Hive
  5. Puppet
  6. Security Architecture Design
  7. Hadoop
  8. Incident Response
  9. NoSQL
  10. IDS


For this report, we analyzed what skills listed in IT professionals’ LinkedIn profiles correlated to the most LinkedIn InMails per member. The specific IT positions we analyzed were: information security specialist, information technology generalist, network engineer, technology manager, information technology engineer, information technology consultant, information technology support specialist, information technology system administrator/engineer, database programmer/administrator, technical support representative, storage engineer and system deployment specialist.

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