The 6 Most In-Demand Soft Skills in IT (And How to Learn Them)

August 18, 2016

Recently, CIO magazine surveyed 133 IT leaders and asked them this question: What are the most in-demand soft skills within your department?

The reasoning was simple – IT isn’t just about technical proficiency. Equally important is providing a great experience to the people IT serves, working well with others and, for IT managers, getting the most out of their people.

The results uncovered the most in-demand soft skills in the IT industry. But rather than just highlight a problem, we decided to provide a solution as well by linking to courses that teach those skills.

Here are the six most in-demand soft skills in IT, according to IT leaders, each linked to a course that teaches it:

  1. Collaborative orientation
  2. Creative, innovative idea generation
  3. Leadership capability
  4. Strategic orientation
  5. Change leadership
  6. External customer focus