The IT Training Fail That's Causing People to Leave (Infographic)

April 6, 2017

IT employees aren't getting soft skill training, and it's causing them to leave companies.

There’s a very expensive problem in the world of IT, regarding training.

In January, LinkedIn and Spiceworks conducted a joint survey of 198 IT professionals in the United States. When asked, an astonishing 69 percent of those surveyed said career development was a significant problem at their organization.

In other words, the vast majority of IT pros believe they can’t advance their careers in their current roles. And that’s a problem, because LinkedIn research found a perceived lack of career development is the number-one reason professionals leave their jobs.

So why do so many IT workers feel this way? It really comes down to training, or lack thereof. When surveyed, 68 percent of IT pros said soft skills and hard skills are equally important for advancing their career, with another 13 percent saying soft skills are more important to advancing their career.

And yet, only 43 percent of IT workers said they had soft skill training at their company. So while most IT employees are getting technical training, only two-in-five are getting soft skill training – something most of them value.

This discrepancy is causing many IT professionals to believe there’s no career opportunity in their current role, which is leading to them to look for jobs elsewhere. And losing IT employees is expensive, with SHRM finding that it costs organizations at least 50 percent of an IT employee’s annual salary to replace them.

Here’s an infographic that shows this training fail, visually:

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