3 Actions You Can Take Right Now to Become More Organized

September 3, 2018

Learn how to be more organized by doing these three things right now.

You are at your least productive and your least effective when you are disorganized.

Instead of putting your energy into doing the most important work, you are wasting sacred brain power – and causing yourself unnecessary stress – on things like remembering what to do next. Being disorganized also makes you less strategic, as you tackle what's most pressing, instead of what's most important.

So, give yourself the advantage of being organized. And it isn’t as difficult as it sounds – there are a few simple things you can do right now to become more organized.

LinkedIn Learning Instructor Chris Croft lists three things you can do right now to become more organized.

Become More Organized Right Now By Taking These 3 Actions

In his LinkedIn Learning course Success Habits, LinkedIn Learning Instructor Chris Croft listed three actions you can take right now to become more organized. They are:

    1. Write out a master list of your goals for the quarter.

This is where it all starts. Really, being organized is a function of clear thinking. And clear thinking is possible only with clear goals.

So, take time to write out a list of your goals for the quarter (ideally, use the SMART goal framework). Hang this list in front of you – this will give you a clear purpose of what you need to accomplish over the next three months, which will help you organize your work.

    2. Write out a list of your tasks for the day.

Time to write a second list – the list of tasks that need to be done that day. Obviously, those tasks should – in some way – help you accomplish your goals for the quarter.

If they don’t, perhaps it makes sense to not do them.

This will give you a clear purpose for your day and keep you organized. Plus, there’s a great sense of satisfaction when you cross something off – and an even better one when you complete the entire list.

At the end of the working day, make your list for tomorrow so you can start cranking on it first thing. Ideally, put the most important tasks on the list first, so you hit those with your best brain.

    3. Have one calendar that lists all of your appointments.

Most of us have a work calendar of some sort. Many of us also have a separate personal calendar, or we try to keep our appointments in our heads.

Instead, just have one calendar that has all your appointments and meetings on it, both personal and professional. This will simply your life and make you more organized.

And you won't have to check two calendars before meeting with someone.

“An efficient foundation for any successful person is the master list, the daily list every day and the calendar,” Croft said. “Do you have all three of these? If not, start them today.”

“They're easy, they take the load off your mind and free it up to be creative, instead of just remembering tasks,” he said. “And then, you've got the foundations right for being successful at whatever you want to achieve.”

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