Here Are 3 Reasons to Love the Google Calendar Upgrade

December 14, 2017

This past October, Google quietly updated user interface of Calendar, which had been sporting the same dated look for about 11 years. It was time.

For most users, this change was well-received and has garnished mostly positive reviews. However, if you’re not a big fan of change, it’s perfectly normal. Change is hard, especially for a life-work-and-mission critical app like Google Calendar.

Let me describe my three favorite things about the new UI, and hopefully I can get you to love it, too. But first, you must get the new UI if you haven’t already.

You might log into your calendar one day and see this at the bottom of the screen:

Click the blue Upgrade Now button, and you’ll have the new UI. If you don’t see it, you can still force an upgrade by clicking the blue Use new calendar button at the top of the screen, near the view switcher.

Maximize the calendar by removing the sidebar

Something that you could never do on the old version of Google Calendar was being able to get rid of the sidebar and just see the entire calendar in one big screen. At last, you can extend the calendar onto the entire screen and close the sidebar pane.

Click the three horizontal lines to collapse the sidebar, and it will expand the entire calendar across the whole screen. It will hide the date picker, and your calendar list. To get them back, toggle the three lines again.

Your eyes will thank you

The new UI comes with a complete design scheme update. New fonts, colors, and general overall look and feel of freshness. You’ll find that the new smooth fonts and cleaner palette make it incredibly easy on your eyes. The fonts are based on the Material Design scheme update that Google rolled out in 2014 on Android. The update notably contained round action buttons, smoother, easier to read fonts and a clean interface with plenty of whitespace.

It’s easy to manage other calendars with side-by-side Day view

If you manage someone else’s calendar, or a family member, you can see their schedule alongside yours while in Day view. If you’re managing a slew of calendars, Day view makes it easy to see them all in a row without interrupting your calendar.

The new Google UI is a clean, refreshing take on what was already a great calendar for getting things done. The core functionality is still there, and this update will take us through many more years to come.

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