How to Keep Your Personal Data Personal and Secure

September 7, 2017

In wake of the Equifax hack, we are unlocking two courses at LinkedIn Learning for cybersecurity.

The shocking revelation that data from as many as 143 million Americans was stolen in the Equifax hack is a painful reminder that our valuable personal information is constantly under threat. While there’s nothing you personally could have done to prevent this massive data breach, it is a great prompt to re-evaluate your internet safety and security to ensure you and your data are staying as safe as possible.

LinkedIn Learning is making the following courses free for two weeks to help you take the steps needed to stay as safe as possible. They are:

1. Learning Computer Security and Internet Safety

This course explores basic cybersecurity measures that everyone can (and should!) implement, including securing your computer, home wireless network, and internet browser. It also discusses how to protect against malware and viruses as well as measures for protecting your and others’ privacy online.

2. Avoiding Phishing Scams

This course explains how to avoid falling for those emails that appear to be from reputable companies but are nefarious attempts to induce people to disclose personal information, everything from passwords to credit card and Social Security numbers. You’ll learn how to identify and evaluate those suspicious emails so that you can avoid providing sensitive data or clicking on links that launch a ransomware attack on your computer.

We hope this helps you evaluate and strengthen your personal internet security – stay safe out there!

*Image from Yuri Samoilov, Flickr