The 3 Skills IT Pros Should Learn to be Promoted

January 26, 2017

These soft skills will most help you climb the IT ladder to success.

The top reason tech workers change jobs is to advance their career, according to LinkedIn research. You know what that means?

There are a lot of ambitious tech workers out there. And while that doesn’t mean all of them necessarily want to be promoted to management, a good percentage of them do.

So what are the skills an IT employee specifically should learn if they want to be promoted to management? To find out, we analyzed LinkedIn profiles to see the top skills for IT managers, along with the IT skills recruiters are looking for.

From that, we were able to determine the skills top IT managers have, which IT employees generally don’t. What we found was that while strong tech skills are a must, to advance to management an IT employee has to have three specific “soft” skills.

Those three skills are:

Business Strategy

As an IT professional, you know that coding and programming has complexities to it that others overlook. The same exists with business, and as you rise through your career, it is important to understand the idiosyncrasies of business to equal your understanding of programming.

Two LinkedIn Learning courses that teach business strategy are:

Data Analysis

Businesses rely on data to make decisions, understand their markets and see how users interact with their products. Data analysis combines the hands-on technical work of a developer with strategic analysis. It allows you to see trends and patterns that emerge, and report up to your company to make data-driven decisions.

Two LinkedIn Learning courses that teach data analysis are:

Risk Management

Understanding your impact as an IT professional requires looking beyond your current work to understand the ripple effect of your decisions. As a manager of a tech team, it is important to always have an understanding of the risks that can exist based on architecture decisions, vendor selection or employee hiring.

Two LinkedIn Learning courses that teach those skills are:

*Image from Mykl Roventine, Wikipedia Commons

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