This System Administrator Day Video Will Make You Laugh

July 29, 2016

In 2000, system administrator (and Orange Crush enthusiast) Ted Kekatos saw an advertisement in Hewlett-Packard magazine showing people celebrating a fellow system administrator for successfully installing new printers by showering the man with flowers, fruit and wine.

Kekatos himself recently installed the exact same printers. Although he was greeted with no fruit, no flowers and certainly no wine.

He had two options – wallow in despair or do something. He choose the latter, and decided to launch System Administrator Appreciation Day.

To make it stick, he built a website, emailed everyone he knew and encouraged them to forward it to friends. Word spread quickly, and today System Administrator Appreciation Day has its own Wikipedia page, retailers organize sales around it and, most interestingly of all, it has inspired song.

Today is the 16th System Administrator Appreciation Day. Hopefully, if you are a system administrator, you are enjoying the cake you so rightfully deserve (or, if you are not a system administrator, you have bought your favorite system admin said cake).

But system administrators deserve more than just a cake. They deserve music. And so we present this song, widely regarded as the single greatest song ever created for the specified purpose of celebrating System Administrator Appreciation Day:

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