The Skills You Need to Learn to Become CTO

February 2, 2017

The three skills CTOs possess that many tech employees do not are mentoring, finance and thought leadership.

Ever aspired to become a CTO? Meaning you are the top technology person at an organization, empowering you to make final decisions on what products to use, the culture you’d like to have and the next big challenges your employees will tackle?

Sounds pretty bold and exciting. But it also can feel out of reach.

Well, it shouldn’t, it’s more achievable than you think. Yes, you need to put in the effort and show results. But you also need to learn the skills required to become a CTO, so people have the confidence to give you the role.

So what are the skills the best CTOs have? To determine that, we at LinkedIn analyzed the LinkedIn profiles of CTOs, along with what skills recruiters were looking for in a CTO. From that, we were able to conclude three skills CTOs have, which many tech employees do not.

They are:

1. Mentoring

As the community looks up to you, there is much that you can do to give back. Whether you help a few individuals, or provide support to a larger community, mentoring is a key part of sharing how you navigated your career to make a lasting impact with people.

LinkedIn Learning Classes That Teach That Skill

2. Thought Leadership

Credibility and authority aren’t just thrusted onto you. You have to earn them through your own decision-making skills, presence and influence. Recognizing where you can make the most impact based on finding the right combination of experience, passion and support will make you more effective as a thought leader.

LinkedIn Learning Classes That Teach That Skill

3. Finance

Business and finance go hand-in-hand. As a CTO, especially at a smaller, pre-IPO startup, it is crucial to understand how finance works and how audit and taxes affect your ability to grow, expand and be an attractive company for others to partner with or acquire.

LinkedIn Learning Classes That Teach That Skill

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