The 5 Most Up-and-Coming Jobs in the World – And How to Get Them

December 17, 2018

See the most up-and-coming jobs in the world, along with courses to get them.

A few years ago, if you told someone you were a “blockchain developer,” they might think you made jewelry.

That’s different today, as blockchain developers are now one of the hot jobs in tech. And that’s why it’s the embodiment of an up-and-coming job – i.e. a job that has gone from “never heard of it” to “got to have it” in just the past few years.

So what are the most up-and-coming jobs right now? According to our friends in the Economic Graph team, these are the roles they’ve seen the most relative growth in based on members who’ve added these roles to their profile. We coupled those roles with LinkedIn Learning courses that teach the skills needed to get them.

The five most up-and-coming jobs in the world are:

1. Blockchain Developer (33X growth)

2. Machine Learning Engineer (12X growth)

3. Application Sales Executive (8X growth)

4. Machine Learning Specialist (6X growth)

5. Professional Medical Representative (6X growth)

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