The Most Popular Jobs for New Graduates – And The Skills You Need to Get Them

May 14, 2018

See a list of the most common jobs among recent college graduates – and how to get them.

It’s May. And that means thousands of people across the country have just achieved something truly worth celebrating: they’ve graduated college.

Congratulations! But, once the caps are flown off and the diplomas passed out, reality hits: it’s time to get a job. And hopefully a good-paying one – the average student today graduates with $37,172 in student loan debt.

That can be a problem – it’s highly competitive to get a job, particularly for new grads. Well, we want to help. Using LinkedIn data, we compiled a list of the most popular jobs among new graduates, coupled with the LinkedIn Learning courses to gain the skills you need to get them.

They are:

1. Software Engineer

Salary: $100,500

Recommended courses:

2. Investment Banking Analyst

Salary: $90,000

Recommended courses:

3. Marketing Coordinator

Salary: $50,330

Recommended courses:

4. Graphic Designer

Salary: $49,230

Recommended courses:

5. Assistant Media Planner

Salary: $58,000

Recommended courses:

6. Account Executive

Salary: 68,250

Recommended courses:

7. Business Analyst

Salary: $80,200

Recommended courses:

8. Recruiter

Salary: $55,310

Recommended courses:

9. Account Coordinator

Salary: $46,140

Recommended courses:

10. Administrative Assistant

Salary: $39,290

Recommended courses:

Really want to land and thrive in these jobs? Hard skills alone aren’t enough.

Mastering the hard skills above are necessary to be considered for these roles. But, they are the most sought-after jobs by new grads – to actually get them, you need to learn how to best represent yourself online and in-person, job search strategies and how to ace a job interview.

Some LinkedIn Learning courses that can help are:

Additionally, if you do land one of the listed roles, hard skills will give you the technical knowhow needed to do them. But, as we’ve discovered, soft skills are essential to excel in those roles and advance your career.

Some LinkedIn Learning courses that can help are: