The Trending Skill You Didn’t Know You Needed: Curiosity

May 21, 2020

The Trending Skill You Didn’t Know You Needed: Curiosity

While curiosity may have led to some important moments in our careers, most of us have not necessarily thought of it as a must-have skill. It’s time to think again. 

Curiosity, used strategically, can not only improve the way we work, it can also transform the way we think by allowing us to see creative solutions that may be missed by others, make wiser decisions and increase our influence.

In fact, according to Becki Saltzman, LinkedIn Learning Instructor and Founder of The Applied Curiosity Lab, curiosity can future-proof our careers.  "We can search for and access everything...except what isn't there. Only curiosity inspires the questions that generate the answers we don't yet have access to. Without curiosity, new answers will cease to exist."

That’s why we were excited to find that curiosity is this week’s trending skill. As people continue to turn to online learning to adapt, many people are investing in this highly strategic skill. While all levels within the organization can benefit from it, we are seeing managers watch these courses at higher rates than all other levels within the organization which may mean they know something the rest of us are just now absorbing.  Curiosity can be a game changer.

Curious? Try these LinkedIn Learning courses now to strategically add curiosity into your repertoire of skills -- free through June 30th. 

1. Applied Curiosity

Applied curiosity is the application of curiosity to do specific things like increase influence, inspire innovation, and prepare for competitive shifts in the global economy. Learn how to attain greater success, optimize performance, and win in the marketplace. 

Becki Saltzman, the founder and chief curiosity seeker at Applied Curiosity Lab, shows how to put your innate curiosity to work. Discover how to:

  •  Strengthen your curiosity muscle 

  • Use applied curiosity to ask smarter questions, solve problems, sell to others, and even avoid common data blind spots that can lead to faulty conclusions.

Learn more in the course “Applied Curiosity.”

2. How Getting Curious Helps You Achieve Everything

Learn to embrace curiosity with Diana Kander, sought-after keynote speaker and author who has trained many executives and Fortune 1000 companies to be more innovative and to inspire employees to think more like entrepreneurs. 

In this course she explains why uncovering blind spots is such a rapid path to progress, and introduces four key questions to expand your curiosity. She also provides three tips for gathering honest feedback, and explains how to apply the four curiosity expansion questions to your relationships, business problems, and goals.

Learn more in the course “How Getting Curious Helps You Achieve Everything.”

3. Using Questions to Foster Critical Thinking and Curiosity

The one trait many successful leaders share is their natural curiosity and desire to learn. 

We are all innately curious—so why is it that some people seem to discover more answers and lead a more empowering life than others? Put simply, they tend to think critically and ask the right questions. 

In this course, learn how to leverage the power of questions to move your team, leadership, and career to the next level. Join Joshua Miller as he spells out the benefits of getting curious and shares how to empower yourself through questions. Discover social media's role in asking questions, why certain types of questions can lead to dead ends, how to effectively answer questions that are directed at you, and more.

Learn more in the course “Using Questions to Foster Critical Thinking and Curiosity.”

Learn more about courses available to help you and your career—and stay tuned to find out the trending skill next week and the courses to help you learn them.