Tech Tips Articles

  • How to chose what technology you should invest in.

    What does your technology do for you?

    March 23, 2017

    The year was 1997 and I was setting up a computer network for a small printing company. I had reached the point of configuring workstations to access the internet when one employee stopped me. Upset with the disruption, she asked, “Why do I care about internet access at my desk?”  Twenty years later the question seems silly to some but I can’t help wonder how...

  • What's the difference between Java 8 and Java 9, which is coming out in July.

    What You Can Expect From Java 9 (Coming in July)

    March 20, 2017

    Are you ready for Java 9? Well, it is just about here! The general release of Java 9 is scheduled for July 7, 2017.   As a Java developer, it is always important to get a good understanding of what new features are being added, what is changing, what is no longer supported (also called deprecated).  To help get ready for this transition, I wanted to share my...

  • How to measure how effective your IT security is.

    How to Measure the Effectiveness of Information Security Controls

    March 10, 2017

    If you’re in charge of any aspect of information security for your organization, you operate in an area of much risk and great uncertainty. You’re facing a lot of questions, particularly about your controls, such as: How do I know my controls are effective? If my controls are too restrictive, how much should I dial them back? If they aren’t working well enough,...

  • Wired says coding might become a blue-collar job. I'd say that's crazy.

    Coding: The Next Blue Collar Job? Sure Hope Not

    February 16, 2017

    According to a recent Wired article, coding will become the next big blue collar job.  That sounds great, but I have some problems...

  • The things that make a great tech individual contributor aren't necessarily the same things that make up a great tech manager.

    What to Look For When Promoting Employees in Tech

    February 9, 2017

    Promotions have two sides to them. For the individual getting the promotion, it is seen as a reward for the work that they have done....

  • The best way to get funding for your next security project is by pointing out the project's ROI.

    How to Advocate For More Resources for Information Security

    February 8, 2017

    In most organizations, there is a deep and wide chasm of understanding between information security professionals and executives. As...