Working Together Articles

  • Robots are not going to steal every job, but they'll likely transform every job.

    No, Robots Are Not Going to Put Us All Out of Work

    June 15, 2017

    Josh Bersin, one of the leading authorities on the future of work, tells a story of his experience in the early 1980s. At that time, computers were starting to become widespread in offices throughout the world. And with that came the advent of VisiCalc, a predecessor to Microsoft Excel, which could automatically house and analyze data. “When VisiCalc was first...

  • The most important thing to do before negotiating with someone is to research and understand what's the worst deal you are willing to take – and what you'll do if you don't get it.

    The 6 Things You Should Do Before Any Negotiation

    June 14, 2017

    Negotiations can be stressful times, particularly for people who don’t negotiate often. And, making it tougher, generally people who don’t negotiate often are forced to negotiate with professional negotiators. For example, when you buy a car, you usually have to negotiate. For you, it might be the first time you’ve negotiated in months, even years. For the...

  • Laughing at your boss's bad jokes is an innocuous example of groupthink.

    Bosses Think They Are Funnier Than They Really Are (And That's a Problem)

    June 12, 2017

    Your boss cracks a joke. What’s your reaction? For most of us, it’s to laugh, regardless of if the joke was funny or not. After all, most of us want to stay on our boss’s good side. Now, that’s a pretty harmless outcome. But it’s a symptom of one of the most well documented and most damaging forms of unconscious bias in the workplace: groupthink. Explaining...

  • One key to improving your emotional intelligence is knowing when to switch from your fast-lane brain to your slow-lane brain.

    The Science to Becoming More Emotionally Intelligent

    June 7, 2017

    The human brain thinks in two ways. The first is very fast, based off emotions and intuition, LinkedIn Learning Instructor Gemma Leigh...

  • There's a massive benefit for employees teaching gratitude to their employees.

    Why (And How) You Should Promote Gratitude at Your Company

    May 12, 2017

    What are you grateful for? Your family? A home? These are the typical go-tos when people discuss gratitude. Pop culture is filled with...

  • The word "ongoing" is a disastrous word to use when managing a project.

    Why "Ongoing" is the Worst Word in the History of Project...

    March 22, 2017

    If there’s one word LinkedIn Learning instructor and project manager extraordinaire Chris Croft hates, it’s “ongoing.” In fact, while...