40 New Skills You Can Now Learn on LinkedIn Learning

January 20, 2020

New Skills You Can Now Learn on LinkedIn Learning

Showing up at work and collaborating with our "full selves" certainly requires emotional intelligence — awareness of ourselves and others, vulnerability, and being open to the diversity of thought and background. This is the first year emotional intelligence made the list of the Skills Companies Need Most in 2020.

Did you know higher levels of emotional intelligence have even been shown to garner dividends by increasing teams’ creativity and productivity? Consider honing  your emotional intelligence or one of the other 15 most in-demand skills by checking out one of our 40 courses added to the library.

The 40 new courses now available on LinkedIn Learning are:

Business Licensing

Business Software

Career Development

Leadership + Management


Project Management


Product Design + Manufacturing


Back-End Web Development

Cloud Development

Cloud Infrastructure

Data Science

Front-End Web Development

Mobile Development



Software Methodologies