10 Cool, Surprising Things You Can Learn on LinkedIn Learning

June 17, 2019

See the coolest courses on LinkedIn Learning.

Most people think of LinkedIn Learning as a platform to learn professional skills on. And that’s because it is; we have thousands of courses covering virtually every professional need, from the latest softwares to AutoCAD to being a great leader.

But we fully recognize that professionals are more than just their work-selves, with lives and interests outside their jobs. And we also want to encourage a wide variety of learning across those interests, which is why our 14,000-course library covers more than just how to create a Pivot table.

A great example is the list below. On LinkedIn Learning, yes, you can learn how to be an accounting legend, how to analyze data like a boss and how to code like Bill Gates. But you can also learn some other cool things too, which just might surprise you.

For example, on LinkedIn Learning, did you know you can learn:

1. How to play an instrument.

Let’s be real – there’s nothing cooler than playing an instrument. And we at LinkedIn Learning can help, with courses covering the piano, the guitar, the drums and even how to write music.


2. How to sing better.

We’ve all been forced upon the karaoke stage before. How awesome would it be if you just killed it in this spot?

Well, with LinkedIn Learning you can, as we have courses on singing, too.


3. How to write a best-selling novel.

It’s said that everyone has a book within them. The challenge is getting that book out.

Do you have a book inside of you and want to get it out? These courses can help, giving you actionable strategies for writing, editing and selling that best-selling novel. Full disclosure, I’m an aspiring writer myself, and I found these four to all be incredibly helpful.


4. How to start your own business.

Many of us dream of being our own bosses one day. But it’s scary! There’s a lot of risk that comes along with being an entrepreneur.

We on LinkedIn Learning have hundreds of courses on starting your own business, which is always a time of great learning. Hopefully, with these at your disposal and learning from others who have gone through the same thing will make it a lot less scary.


5. How to draw.

Drawing is such a release. And wouldn’t want to be able to draw really well, to craft either a perfect landscape or a beloved pet or a figure inside your own head?

LinkedIn Learning has dozens of courses on drawing for all levels and for all types of drawing, although here are four to get started.


6. How to be an awesome photographer.

With smartphones, everyone has become an amateur photographer today, taking photos of vacations, fun events and family get-togethers. LinkedIn Learning has an incredibly robust photography library, so when you take photos with your phone or camera, they truly capture the moment.


7. How to create cool videos.

Building off the last point, with a video camera in virtually all of our pockets today, video is becoming more and more prevalent. But how do you shoot good video? And how do you edit that video, to make it even better?

LinkedIn Learning has an entire library of video courses, although these four can help get you started.


8. How to make your own movie.

Maybe shooting short videos for social media or personal use isn’t enough. Maybe you have bigger goals, to make the next Dark Knight or Toy Story or The Thin Blue Line?

LinkedIn Learning can help with that too, with Learning Paths on becoming a filmmaker, an animator or a documentary filmmaker.

Learning Paths:

9. How to be better with money.

Admittedly, this one isn’t as cool as the others on the list. But, of everything on here, this might have the most immediate impact on your day-to-day life.

Want to learn how to stop living paycheck to paycheck? Principles for getting the most out of your investments? What good debt is and what bad debt is? These courses can help.


10. How to be great at selling – anything.

Learning how to sell is one of those things that will help you no matter what job you have – and even if you don’t have a job.

The techniques of selling can be used in just about everything, from convincing your kid to want to go to bed each night at 8 to scoring a better deal on a car to getting fair value for that collection of baseball cards you have hidden away in your attic. Selling is a part of life, and to learn how to do it well is a skill you’ll use nearly every day for the rest of your life.


LinkedIn Learning has more than 14,000 courses covering virtually every professional need (and some personal ones, too). Check out our course library.