45 New Skills You Can Now Learn on LinkedIn Learning

December 16, 2019

45 New Skills You Can Now Learn on LinkedIn Learning

By 2022, the World Economic Forum estimates Artificial Intelligence (AI) will affect 75 million jobs and generate 133 million new ones worldwide. How can you get ahead in 2020 and stay up to date on these skills?

Consider adding one more skill to your list by watching one of the 45 courses we added this week or get inspiration to watch another course in the library based on top learning trends. Whether you’re looking to learn Artificial Intelligence (AI), Premier Pro, or how to use humor to engage your audience, we’ve got you covered. Check out one of the 45 new courses this week.

The new courses now available on LinkedIn Learning are:

Business Software

Career Development

Customer Service

Education + Instructional Design



Animation + Illustration

Graphic Design

Motion Graphics + VFX

Product Design + Manufacturing

User Experience


Visualization + Real-Time

Back-End Web Development

Cloud Development

Cloud Infrastructure

Data Science

Front-End Web Development


Programming Languages


Software Methodologies