29 New Skills You Can Now Learn on LinkedIn Learning

January 27, 2020

29 New Skills You Can Now Learn on LinkedIn Learning

Today, the workforce is rapidly evolving, bringing both progress and challenge. This is where adaptability comes in. Adaptability is one of the 15 most in-demand skills in the world in 2020, based on recently released LinkedIn Learning data. 

Each week, we release new courses based on insights on skill gaps and trending topics to help you adapt to an ever-changing world. Whether you’re looking for a new job or to improve in your current role, honing your skills can make you more adaptable. 

Check out one of the 29 new courses now available on LinkedIn Learning:

Business Licensing

Business Software

Education + Instructional Design


Information Management

Leadership + Management


Professional Development


Product Design + Manufacturing

Web Design

Cloud Development

Data Science

Front-End Web Development

Mobile Development

Programming Languages


Software Methodologies

Technology Licensing