Our Newest Feature: Q&A, Where You Can Interact with Learners, Instructors and Your Community

February 14, 2019

Take a minute to think about how you learn best. Has it been through textbooks, research papers, or formal training?

Most likely, the answer is no.

What we’ve heard from our community is that learners want to learn from each other, subject matter experts, and directly from their instructors. Conversation is key.

Because of this, we’re excited to roll out our new Q&A feature on LinkedIn Learning. This feature fosters interactive peer-to-peer and learner-to-instructor learning across LinkedIn’s 590M+ professional community. Whether it be a charismatic instructor, an expert peer, or a fellow learner that asks a great question—the opportunity to interact with members of the learning community and subject matter experts can make all the difference in making learning “stick.”

With Q&A, you can ask questions and receive responses directly from the instructor, other learners taking the course, and even expert members of your LinkedIn network. Beyond just questions and answers, the feature also provides a rich space for communities to emerge, connecting like-minded individuals together for the purposes of applying what they’ve learned.

Even better, initial tests show it’s working: learners have engaged in Q&A on more than half of all courses that have the feature, and nearly every question has been answered by a member of the community.

By sharing knowledge through Q&A, everyone benefits:

  • Learners learn more deeply by interacting with subject matter experts in their network, other learners, and instructors.

  • Organizations benefit when learners can apply their new learnings on the job and learn from each other, allowing the sharing of best practices.

  • Instructors can enhance engagement with their learners and extend the reach of their expertise across all of LinkedIn.

With the rollout of Q&A, we’re making the learning experience more memorable, interactive and engaging. It’s available today to all individual learners and most enterprise customers.