Become What You Want to Be With Our 10 New Learning Paths

July 4, 2016

Often, learning itself is not the goal. Instead, learning is a way to achieve a goal.

With that in mind, we here at created learning paths. Learning paths are step-by-step structured courses, supported with quizzes, practice and learning reminders to encourage you and support you as you make progress towards your goal.

Simply put, you can take a learning path to become what you want to be. For example, if you want to be a graphic designer, you can take the graphic designer learning path, and you’ll gain all the skills necessary to become a graphic designer.

Back in March, we launched 50 learning paths to kick things off, covering everything from becoming a C++ developer to a digital illustrator to a music producer. This month, we’ve launched another 10 learning paths, to help more people become what they want to be.

They are:

Good luck on your next play. 

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