Creating A Single Place for Employees to Discover All of Your Organization’s Learning Content

November 9, 2018

Our vision is to empower every member of the global workforce to develop the skills they need to realize economic opportunity. Three years ago we acquired because we recognized how important it is to provide organizations with a broad-based library of up-to-date content on professional skills. In 2016, we launched LinkedIn Learning, bringing together this expert-led content from with LinkedIn’s professional insights and social experiences to create a uniquely personalized and interactive learning experience platform.  And we’ve been building out core enterprise features ever since, including the ability for organizations to add their own content to the platform, and our recently announced Skills Insights, which helps organizations better understand their skills gaps and benchmark to the competition.   

Today, we’re excited to expand the capabilities of our learning experience platform by announcing that we’re creating a single place for your employees to discover and access all of your organization’s learning content. We’re opening up our platform so that our customers who have purchased multiple content sources can offer their employees a single learning experience that is personalized and social, making it easier for them to discover and learn relevant skills they can quickly apply.

Through our content integration partnerships, the following content will be accessible to mutual customers on the LinkedIn Learning platform. Our inaugural partners include:

  • Harvard Business Publishing: world-class digital learning experiences and leadership development content including Harvard ManageMentor® & LeadingEdge, fueled by the latest in thinking & proven practices from Harvard Business School faculty and global business leaders.

  • getAbstract: 18,000+ book summaries as well TED talks

  • Big Think: 500 short-form, actionable video lessons to stay ahead of business changes and stimulate agility for your workforce

  • Treehouse: an online school that's taught over 850,000 adults how to be software engineers and product designers

  • CreativeLive For Business: Expert-led classes on creativity, innovation, design thinking, emotional intelligence, entrepreneurship (and many more).

We will be adding additional integration partners in the future, and are working to make these integrations available on the platform in the coming years, with pricing to be determined in 2020. We will continue to invest in our own expert-led, up-to-date professional content library, insightful personalization, and social features to ensure all learners and organizations can discover and apply content that helps them further their professional and business goals.

We're excited to continue this journey together.