Giving You More Choice: You Can Now Buy Individual Courses on LinkedIn Learning

May 15, 2019

You can now buy individual courses on LinkedIn Learning, a la carte.

We at LinkedIn Learning are committed to helping all professionals learn. And that means providing more choices, so people can learn in the way that best suits them.

That push continues today as now on LinkedIn Learning you have the choice of buying any individual course for a set price. Previously, the only option was to start a subscription.

For example, want to watch Leading Without Formal Authority?

You now have two options: start a monthly or annual subscription to get access to all of our 14,000+ courses, which gives you the best value if you plan on watching multiple courses. Or, you can buy that singular course, if you have a one-time need or want to have lifetime access it*.

Regardless, no matter what you choose, we hope you continue to learn in every #MomentThatMatters – in whichever way works best for you :).

Looking to gain an edge at work by learning something new? Here are some of our newest LinkedIn Learning courses, starting at $19.99:

*Courses will generally remain available for as long as you keep your LinkedIn account, unless otherwise specified during checkout. On rare occasions we may need to remove certain courses for legal or other reasons.