LinkedIn Learning’s Newest Addition: 4,000 New Courses Across 4 Languages

November 30, 2016

There are now LinkedIn Learning classes in French, German, Spanish and Japanese.

Today, we’ve added 4,000-plus courses in four languages to LinkedIn Learning, so more of our members can learn in their native language.

So, if you speak German, French, Spanish or Japanese and prefer to learn from instructors in that language, LinkedIn Learning is your place. Or, if you run an organization that has employees who speak German, French, Spanish or Japanese, LinkedIn Learning now has you covered.

These 4,000-plus new courses aren’t simply translated versions of our English LinkedIn Learning content. Like our library, more than 90 percent are original courses taught by industry experts who are native speakers in the respective language, of the same high-quality you’ve come to expect from LinkedIn Learning, covering the breadth of topics you care about, from business to tech to creative.

For example, say your native language is German and you’re interested in learning Microsoft Excel. Starting today, you can use LinkedIn Learning to learn from a German-speaking instructor using the German version of the product:

Or, say you speak Spanish and want to improve your communication skills. Using LinkedIn Learning, you can now take communication courses taught by Spanish-speaking instructors:

How does it work?

Organizations can now invest in whichever library is best for their employees by providing learning content in English, German, French, Spanish or Japanese.

If you’re an individual LinkedIn Learning subscriber, you have a default language chosen within your settings. Today, if that language is German, French, Spanish or Japanese, your LinkedIn Learning experience will automatically change to that default language.

Want to change your default language, or just curious to see the course libraries that aren’t in your default language? For individual subscribers, here’s how.

All told, this expansion enables us to serve more than 600 million more people who are native German, Spanish, French and Japanese speakers with the high-quality learning content we believe in so strongly. And it marks another important step toward continuing LinkedIn’s vision of connecting the world’s professionals to opportunity.

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