Only 44% of Companies Are Ready for Digital Transformation. We Want to Change That.

April 4, 2018

Guiding organizations through digital transformation requires focused cultivation by leaders with the vision and crucial soft skills necessary to drive digital transformation forward, says a recent study by Deloitte. And yet, the report found that just 44 percent of managers and executives surveyed say their organizations are ready for it.

To help you and your organization better prepare for digital transformation and the fundamental shifts in everything from mindset to how employees communicate and collaborate, we’re unlocking our popular new Digital Transformation course through May 3.

The course by Digital Transformation Expert Peter High provides an overview of digital transformation, critical factors for organizations to consider, and the four steps that will help you develop your organization’s digital transformation plan.

The opening video of Peter High's LinkedIn Learning course, Digital Transformation.

We also just published three Learning Paths to help leaders, IT stakeholders, and employees understand, prepare for, and implement their digital transformation initiatives. They are:

Hopefully, you are in the 44 percent of organizations prepared for the digital transformation. But, if not, these Leaning Paths should help you get there.