Show Off the Skills You Cultivate: Take a LinkedIn Assessment

September 17, 2019

show off your skills with LinkedIn Skill Assessments

The pace of change is accelerating. The most in-demand occupations and specialties did not exist ten years ago and the workforce can feel it. According to brand new LinkedIn research, more than half (52%) of professionals have been inspired to learn a new skill to keep their skills up to date. How can you ensure you’re cultivating the skills you need most? Take a Skill Assessment. 

What’s a LinkedIn Skill Assessment?

It’s a short-form, standardized assessment designed by leading third-party subject matter and learning experts sourced through LinkedIn Learning’s network to assess and validate skills. Simply scroll to the skill section of your LinkedIn profile, and select one of the skills you want to validate. After completing the questions, you’ll receive a report with your score and learning courses based on what you got right. You have complete control over your results. 

If you pass (in the 70th percentile or above), you can choose to add a badge to your profile to validate your skills for managers, peers, and recruiters. No matter how you score, you can also choose from relevant LinkedIn Learning courses based on your areas for improvement (free for a limited time!). That way, not only can you continue to improve your proficiency and boost your confidence, but you can also set yourself up for success the next time you’re job seeking. 

In fact, early results show candidates who take Skill Assessments are 30% more likely to get hired!