Together with Our Partners, We’re Working to Improve the Learner and Administrator Experience

June 7, 2018

LinkedIn Learning deep integrations with leading LMSs.

Last year we kicked-off LinkedIn’s Partner Integration Program to collaborate better with the world’s leading Learning Management Systems (LMS), and provide seamless access to LinkedIn Learning content and insights. Today, we’re happy to share that two of the largest LMS providers - Cornerstone OnDemand and SAP SuccessFactors - have successfully integrated LinkedIn Learning into their platform to improve the overall experience for both administrators and learners.

With the completion of the integration, customers of Cornerstone OnDemand and SAP SuccessFactors benefit from automated uploads of 25 - 40 LinkedIn Learning courses weekly, giving learners fresh and relevant content to stay ahead. Not only can learners easily search and access LinkedIn Learning content within their LMS system, Learning and Development (L&D) administrators can easily assign new content as it becomes available and can better manage, track and report learner engagement regardless of where the content is accessed, within or outside the LMS platform and in any language.

The following partners also have completed LinkedIn Learning integrations:

  • Absorb

  • Adobe Captivate Prime

  • CrossKnowledge

  • Degreed

  • DigitalChalk

  • Docebo

  • EdCast

  • Everwise

  • Pathgather

Additional partners in our integration program that will be launching in the near future include:

  • Bridge by Instructure

  • Infor

  • Knowledge Anywhere

  • Saba Software

You can learn more about our Partner Integration Program by visiting the partner page. Integrations of Cornerstone OnDemand and SAP SuccessFactors will be live in June 2018.