• Feedback is essential to improving. But, that being said, some feedback you absolutely should ignore.

    The 4 Types of Feedback You Should Ignore

    May 9, 2018

    It’s hard to improve as a professional without feedback. Often, what holds us back are weaknesses we are unaware of and need others to point out for us. Or, we believe we are communicating one message, but people are interpreting it much differently. That’s why you should always be open to feedback. But, make sure it's the right feedback, LinkedIn Learning...

  • The gmail redesign is here. These are the new features.

    The New Gmail Has Arrived. Here's Why You Should Try It.

    May 11, 2018

    It’s been more than a decade since those first coveted invitations to Gmail were initially sent out. The main draw back then? Don’t delete! Archive everything and use Google’s legendary search to find the email again when you need it. Back then, we were paying lots of money for an email address with limited space. Then Gmail came out and gave us a whopping 2...

  • HilltopSecurities investment in Lynda.com from LinkedIn Learning and clever marketing of it led to a great learning culture.

    How This Company Used a Marketing Mindset to Build a Learning Culture

    May 7, 2018

    Valerie North and Robin Bellingham, who both work in Human Resources at HilltopSecurities, are only able to spend roughly 5 percent of their time focused on learning and development (L&D). The rest is spent on their many other HR responsibilities, such as hiring, performance reviews and compensation plans. And yet, they’ve driven a strong culture of learning at...

  • See the new courses added to LinkedIn Learning the week of May 1.

    The 37 New Skills You Can Now Learn on LinkedIn Learning

    May 7, 2018

    Each week presents a new opportunity for you and your team to learn the skills necessary to take on the next big challenge. And, at...

  • The challenge of getting a job when you are over 50, and how to overcome it.

    The Hidden Challenge to Getting Hired When You're Over 50 –...

    May 2, 2018

    Recently, we asked people on the LinkedIn Learning Facebook page the biggest challenge they were facing in their professional lives....

  • If you want to manage your time better as a manager, you need to manage expectations

    Bosses, Want to Manage Your Time Better? Manage Expectations

    May 2, 2018

    Being a manager can be a difficult job. Often, managers – particularly new managers – will work longer hours and feel more stress than...